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Are you looking for group support? 

Join me in our new 2e AD(hd)vocacy Village for Parents - just $57/month or $570/year.

2x monthly group coaching

1x monthly expert guest or training

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Are you looking for 1-1 support? 

I offer personalized 1-1 coaching for parents and/or students in the areas of ADHD, Executive Functions, 2e, and K-8th Math support.

90-Minute in-home Intro visit - $225
Packages of ten 50-minute Zoom sessions - $970
15-minute Zoom accountability calls - $30 

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Heartland Charter School Families

I offer personalized 1-1 math coaching for K-8th Heartland Charter School students.

Schedule your initial session¬†here¬†or EMAIL me for more information - [email protected].